CURRENT: 50th anniversary of the Tallinn-Tartu bus line

On July 1, 2021, 50 years passed since the launch of one of the most legendary Tallinn-Tartu express lines No. 724 in Estonia. To celebrate this, Tallinn Bus Station brought out the historic Ikarus 255 bus and the schedule of the very first working day to highlight the contrast of half a hundred years.

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Ikarus 250
The first Ikarus 250 by number in Ülemiste Park with bus driver Voldemar Piigli. It was one of the ten buses that arrived in Estonia in June 1971 and from which a separate brigade was created to serve the new Tartu express line 724.
Photo by: bus driver Endel Pööbel

Ikarus 255
Re-production – completely restored Ikarus 255 in Tallinn Bus Station with bus driver Alar Kattai.
Photo by: Sergei Zjuganov

1971 Timetable
Historical schedule of Tallinn Bus Park on July 1, 1971.