CURRENT: Tallinn Bus Station wants to initiate a special state plan

Tallinn Bus Station operator T grupp turned to the Ministry of Finance seeking a state special plan that could be used to decide whether the bus station will remain where it is and whether the current buses parking lot on Juhkentali 48, owned by a real estate developer Liven Kodu 17 OÜ, could be reserved for buses in the future.

T grupp finds that both the central and municipal governments should intervene. Estonia should lay down the bus station area with a special plan, while Tallinn should suspend the process of changing the parking area’s intended purpose and the entire detailed plan. The operation of Tallinn Bus Station is a clear national interest, which is grounds for a state special plan that could be used to map out everyone’s interests.

In the appeal of the law firm representing T grupp to the Ministry of Finance, they were asked to initiate the exact location of the Tallinn Bus Station and state planning for the construction of the necessary infrastructure. The inability to park buses on the Juhkentali 48 area and buses consequently getting stuck in Tallinn traffic will make it objectively impossible to continue operating long-distance and county lines.

“Every bus operator has been in charge of finding parking since the area has been off limits for the purpose, and while temporary solutions have been found, they are not sustainable and threaten the existence of the Tallinn Bus Station,” Airika Aruksaar, CEO of T grupp, told.

Aruksaar said that she has seen various companies’ coaches parked in the parking areas of the Ülemiste and Sikupilli centres, Tartu maantee Circle K gas station and the Ülemiste City. Aruksaar remarked that should it be deemed unnecessary to resolve the situation, at least until a new location is found for the bus station, continuing to operate the station will become impossible.

“Tallinn Bus Station has been at Lastekodu 46 since 1965. It is a habitual location for passengers, sits on the edge of the city centre and has good links to other city districts,” Aruksaar said, adding that the city of Tallinn has said as much.

Tanel Kiik, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn said that the capital’s arm is not long enough to solve the problem, which would not exist in the first place if Estonia had not sold the bus station and its parking area to private owners.

“Rather, operators have adjusted to the situation. The question, in the long run, is how much parking will be retained at the current bus station and how much will move to the Ülemiste terminal. Several interdependent decisions are needed here,” Kiik suggested.

However, determining the parking lot area’s intended purpose is up to the City Government and Council.

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