CULTURE: The Art Museum of Estonia brought Tartu-themed works on the windows of Tartu Bus Station

From 13.08.2022, visitors of the Tartu Bus Station will be delighted with beautiful Tartu-themed works from the collection of the Art Museum of Estonia.

The works are brought to the windows of Tartu Bus Station in the form of repro, which gives the opportunity to see the works in a different light. The display is complemented by short background stories that connect the works to Tartu.

“Works from Estonian artists, whose close connection with Tartu is known, were selected for the exhibition. For example, Valve Janov, who formed the informal art group Tartu sõpruskond with like-minded people, and whose experimental work has also been called Karlova’s avant-garde. Karl Pärsimägi, a student of Pallas and because of his colourful style of painting, has also been called the Matisse of Tartu. The exhibition also includes not-so-well-known works by Eduard Wiiralt, Villem Ormisson, Linda Kits-Mägi, Villu Järmut and Enn Kärmas,” explained Piret Järvan, head of marketing and service at the Art Museum of Estonia.

Tartu Bus Station, which has recently been renovated, is visited by 1.5-2 million people a year. “On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of T grupp OÜ, which manages Tartu Bus Station, we wanted to update the appearance of the bus station for visitors and offer a piece of the cultural experience while waiting for the bus. Since Tartu has been a university city as well as an art city, where the creative path of many Estonian artists has started and where the artistic life has been constantly boiling, we found that Estonian art could be the one that welcomes visitors in the waiting hall,” said Kadriann Raud, marketing and communication specialist of T grupp OÜ.

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Villu Järmut & Enn KärmasThe exhibition of consumer graphics by Villu Järmut and Enn Kärmas at Tartu Art House
is one of the images that can be seen in the reproduction at Tartu Bus Station.
Photo by: Tartu Bus Station