CURRENT: The Estonian Transport Administration recognized the best operators of public transport

On 30.09.2022, the Estonian Transport Administration celebratory conference “Kuhu liigud, Eesti ühistransport” took place, where the Estonian Transport Administration awarded recognitions in the field of public transport to companies and organizations that have excelled in the development of public transport.

“With the recognition, we look back at what public transport has achieved in recent years and highlight those who are emerging from public transport organizers, companies, local governments and developers of innovative services,” explained Kati Tamtik, director of the Mobility Planning Department of the Estonian Transport Administration.

T grupp received special recognition for the new public transport infrastructure category. T grupp is the gateway to several cities and received an award for the renovation of bus stations, for bringing culture to bus stations and for its contribution to the organization of Ukrainian refugee aid. In addition, T grupp was nominated for special recognition for the ticket or ticket sales system category.

T grupp unites and develops mobility service brands: Bussijaam, Cargobus and Tpilet. Integrating these services creates synergy to ensure high-quality virtual and infrastructure mobility services for providers and users. T grupp deals with building and real estate management, renting business premises, organizing bus arrivals and departures, sharing bus information, physical and virtual ticket sales, luggage storage and parcel delivery in buses.

T grupp increasingly sees itself as an advocate for mobility services.

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Recipients of the public transport recognition of the Estonian Transport Administration in 2022
Recipients of the public transport recognition of the Estonian Transport Administration in 2022.
Photo by: Estonian Transport Administration