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CURRENT: Ukrainian war refugees spending the night at Tallinn Bus Station are getting help

Bus Station

The war in Ukraine has brought us many refugees who need a lot of help and support. However, Tallinn Bus Station is a place for Ukrainians in need from both Russia and the Baltics, most of the refugees are in transit, but there are also those who came to Estonia for a longer period. Temporary […]

CURRENT: Ukrainians arriving on night buses from Russia risk losing access to help

Bus Station

The information is available at border crossings, but refugees arriving at Tallinn Bus Station late at night are at a loss, with some having burned through their savings. Volunteers have taken it upon themselves to inform people and help them buy food and drink after the day is done. Even though organized efforts to transport […]

CURRENT: One of Bolt’s most popular destinations during the COVID-19 pandemic was Tallinn Bus Station

Bus Station

Bolt compiled a list of the eight most popular destinations during the Coronavirus pandemic (23.03.2020–29.03.2020). As a big surprise to everyone, Tallinn Bus Station turned out to be in second place even during the Coronavirus pandemic, when many intercity lines were closed and the number of bus passengers had dropped a lot. Due to the […]